Business advisoring

After a period of inadequate attention payed towards meridional Africa, Italy is now demonstrating a renewed awareness concerning the importance of deepening relations with the region’s countries, particularly focusing on the Republic of South Africa. Having an advanced economy, it is undoubtedly the most prominent actor within the SADC region, appealing to international partners and offering substantial benefits that are seldom found not only within the regional setting, but most definitely on the whole African continent.

The Italian and South African markets are absolutely complementary.  The Italian culture, industrial production, design, cuisine, and lifestyle are highly esteemed and considered of great value in South Africa.

Regarding the Italian entrepreneurial presence within the South African market, there are considerable opportunities (though not yet adequately exploited by our businesses) to create productive partnerships, given the country's prospects for development both as a self-sustaining market and as a hub for the wider area, may it be the Southern African Development Community or the whole growing African continent itself.

SABI will stand by your side during the development, launch and growth of your business, project planning, taking care of institutional relationships and attending to the legal, fiscal and bureaucratic aspects.

SABI is a patron of the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries (Camera di Commercio Italo-Sudafricana).

We operate by providing end-to-end support for the shipment of goods, handling local logistics as an additional but indispensable service in order to ensure a more fluid and organized transfer.

A team of experienced professionals will be at your disposal to lay out a coherent marketing strategy pertinent to your goals, promoting your product, opening local headquarters in order to gain market space, valorising your main strength: "Made in Italy" – a universally known and accepted certificate of excellence.

Last but not least, our facility will be able to cooperate with your business in the process of allocating financial resources through an appropriate and sustainable use of leverage both in Italy and South Africa. We offer our support throughout your negotiation with banking and financial institutions in terms of interest rates, risk management, and exchange rates.

By supporting your internationalization strategy, SABI's goal is to help you export your business through our resources, expertise and strategy.

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